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Ulala Idle Adventure is a Role-Playing game for mobile. It is published by X.D. Global. It brings the adventure of stone age to your your mobile.You can experience desert and volcano. The are many Ulala lives near edge of the desert and at the foot of a volcano. The small monsters also live near the Ulala.You can Download Ulala Idle Adventure APK for Android and iOS by clicking on buttons above.

In Ulala Idle game, The player or you will be hunters and your partner players will be dinosaurs. In this game, You will have to compete with players or hunters from all around the World.The Controls of Ulala Idle Adventure are simple as compared to other RPG mobile games.This game will give you lot of intresting tasks to complete. You can checkout features of Ulala Idle Advnture game below.

Features of Ulala Idle Adventure

You can checkout Ulala Idle Adventure Android and iOS game below.

A Relaxed RPG?

Unlike other RPG games, Ulala Idle Adventure is not very addicted. You can play it whenever you get time. This Ulala game will not distract you from your daily life.

Tired of taking painstaking efforts to upgrade your characters?

Unlike other games, You don't need any effort to upgrade your characters and pets.This is very new concept.

Make New Friends

In Ulala Idle Adventure, You can make new friends by teaming up with them.

Play With Your Friends

Unlike other RPG games, You can play with with your friends and family in Ulala Idle Adventure game.